52: Episode 52 - In Conversation With Elsa D'Silva

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Log in. Sign up. Desi Outsiders Desi Outsiders. Subscribe to this podcast. A podcast by two young Indian women who want to be the voice of reason that fails to be heard in certain Indian households. The podcast is designed to bring meaningful conversations on relationships, dating, education, and feminism into Indian homes. Meenal is sexual Indian who was raised outside of India in a very traditional Indian household while Ankita was raised in India in a more liberal household.

So when these two girls get together, the conversation gets rolling. In this episode, I reflect on how things have changed so drastically over the last 12 months. Working hard isn't just about passing my state exams in medical school anymore - it's a whole new dimension in this new phase of my life.

One of my biggest learning points over the last few months is that you shouldn't pat yourself on the back for achieving the basics. Patting yourself on the back from time to time is desi, but sometimes you need good mentors to push you to your limit.

And once you reach your limit, the best mentors will push you even more. Listen in to see how I went from commuting almost 3. A special thanks to Sabras Radio and Raj Baddhan for believing in me! After releasing my thoughts on feminism in episode 88, I had a very interesting interaction with a listener. We spoke about how we feel this new era of feminism has left us in a position where we don't really know where we stand. You can email me at meenal desioutsiders.

Over the last few weeks, I have been trying to find productive ways to deal with stress. One easy and adaptable practice is mindfulness. Pam helps hundreds of people in her work as a mindfulness coach and has been studying the science and benefits behind this practice for years. In this episode, Pam talks to us about how we can incorporate this into our daily lives and the benefits we can expect by practicing some mindfulness on a daily basis.

You can find out more about Pam's work on www. This International Women's Day, apart from celebrating all the amazing women who have desi my life, I want to use this opportunity to re-evaluate what it means to be a woman in the MeToo era. Feminism is a strong force that is slowly taking over every aspect of our life, but to where do we draw the line? Are we being counterproductive with our feminist thoughts and ideas or is feminism really creating the difference that women need?

In the last few episodes, a few deep harassment were had, a few tears came into the conversation, and we left hoping we'd figure it all out in the new year. Some answers are never concrete, but it's always good progress when we feel we are taking steps in the right direction! Following from last week's episode, we unexpectedly jumped into a conversation about finding the true definition of happiness - of course, Meenal is questioning if it really exists after the few weeks she has been through yes, she has a dark side!

With the new year approaching, both of us reflect on our personal growth, our future growth and share all our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Thank you for being a part of our podcast, and we promise to bring you more in the coming year.

We love you all! When Meenal receives an email that reads "you sound depressed, are you okay? It's been an interesting couple of weeks for both of us. Each of us experiencing life in different ways and trying to learn from our experiences as much as possible. Not every day will be a happy, bubbly day - a concept Meenal harassment trying to get a hold of.

Tune in to find out why we didn't record last week and why Meenal sounds "dead inside". Life can get busy. So busy that we both didn't even get a moment to sit and record an episode last week.

But it's okay, because sometimes we have to accept that life can get crazy and we can always find ways to work around it. We are currently learning how to deal with our hectic work schedules and still have time to record a podcast and also deal with our ongoing daily life activities. We talk about our struggles and how we have found our own personal ways of overcoming our anxiety of trying to get enough done during our working days.

If you have any suggestions for us, please send them over - as you'll sexual, you'll realize we need all the help we can take! I'm a little tied up in Seattle as part of a work trip. We discuss how we've dealt with our own relationships, how we've overcome the difficulties and some tips on how to make things a little easier when you're far away from your loved ones.

This Diwali harassment bring you a special episode where we catch up with our lives and go through all your mails. We love reading about your opinions and used this opportunity to share what we think with all of you lovely listeners. This special episode is all about you! The metoo movement is slowly gaining cadence in India. But what makes this so different to the stories being told in the US, is that India has a lot of cultural barriers which affect harassment movement and the stories of women that are coming to light.

We look into some case studies harassment present some evidence as to why women aren't likely to lie about their sexual assault stories and why women wouldn't even consider lying.

Of course, this movement is much bigger than what we have time to discuss, but we hope you send sexual your thoughts sexual opinions on this movement. As we prepare for the Asian Media Awards, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your love and endless belief in our project.

We are sending you all a big, virtual hug! This week, we discuss how Desi weddings aren't exactly the norm anymore - we're all adapting to our needs and desires when it comes to what we believe is the perfect wedding.

But can we still keep traditions alive if we continue to veer away from how our ancestors conducted weddings? How important is to us, as a generation, to pass desi traditions forward? The Sabarimala verdict was a great day for women across the country.

Ankita had visited this Temple as a child to make sure she received her blessings before hitting her menstrual age. We both dig into what the Vedas desi about women being impure and why we all need to extend our knowledge and read further into historic textbooks to understand why these rules still live within our society. Meenal has just moved to the UK from Gibraltar. Ankita also recollects her several moves and the emotional impact it had on her life.

This week, we discuss the ins and outs of moving and how important it is to be mentally prepared for these big changes in your life. We also go into the topic of trying to figure out where our home actually is. Is it where our parents are?

Is it where are our passports says we are from? Drop us a mail at mail desioutsiders. We would appreciate any donation, big or small - it will really take us a long way! English Medicine' is a term a lot of you may have seen or heard before. But what does this really mean?

We discuss the serious impact of myths being passed down from generation to generation with regards to modern sexual. Ankita especially has seen this in her home town in Trivandrum and Meenal has seen family members on their death bed due to ignorance and lack of self-education. We also touch the surface on the science behind Ayurveda and herbal medicine - is it a scam or real science?

If you have any of your own 'English Medicine' stories, do share it with us! And as you can imagine, speaking to guests based in different time zones has been a little inconvenient, if not completely impossible. Your thoughts, feedback and even ideas as to sexual we can discuss mean everything to us!

Drop us an email to mail desioutsiders. Thank you for all your feedback so far - you have provided us with a continuous drip of inspiration to show up every week.

After almost half a year, we bring you another Desi We use this episode to explain why we've been off the radar for some time, and you'll desi hear about why some of our episodes have been released on random days of the week. Both of our lives have changed quite drastically. Thank you all for being patient desi us as we settle into our new lives. After we recorded this episode, it reminded us how much we love doing these braindumps!

If you agree, comment below! This week we have something different to share with you! This was the first time we had a full 45 minutes to talk about our project and vision. Archie talks to us about women in male-dominated workforces, the challenges she has had to overcome and the backward mentalities she still deals with on a daily basis. She shares thought-provoking and often hilarious anecdotes from her training and also delves into the importance of having a stable support system while being out there, conquering your fears and chasing your dreams.

As a spokesperson for the United Nations, Natasha covered humanitarian crises around the world, desi conflicts and natural disasters in Ethiopia, Haiti, Libya, and Pakistan. She has lived in several different countries and travels extensively. Yet no matter where she is in the world, she seeks to inspire and empower women with her writing and storytelling. After watching Dangal a few months ago, both of us were very excited to speak to Sally Roberts from Wrestle Like a Girl.

She joined her school wrestling club and was the ONLY girl wrestling at the time in her region. With the support of her coaches and teammates, she persevered and got into the national and world championships medal table. From sexual to Afghanistan to everything she has achieved today is harassment outcome of her perseverance throughout the difficult circumstances life threw at her. Now that the royal wedding fever has died down a bit, we want to take a step back and present to you our detailed conversation with Suhani Jalota, the founder if Myna Mahila Foundation, which was the only Indian non-profit to be invited to the royal wedding.

The Myna Mahila Foundation is an Indian organization which empowers women by encouraging discussion of taboo subjects such as menstruation, and by setting up workshops to produce low-cost sanitary protection to enable girls to stay in school. We harassment to Suhani about how this amazing journey started and discussed the intricacies involved in running such sexual sustainable and cost-efficient organisation which came into the global spotlight within just harassment years of its founding.

Aranya Johar is a year-old poet and activist based in Mumbai.

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inclusive and respectful environment for DESI Collaboration members Sexual harassment is not tolerated in the DESI Collaboration, including, but not limited. Listen to episodes of Desi Outsiders on Podbay, the fastest and easiest way to listen their sexual assault stories and why women wouldn't even consider lying. Through her app called SafeCity, Elsa and her team document sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. In the past four years, Safecity has become the.