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Apr 2. Posted by drmarkgriffiths. In previous blogs I have examined many different types of zoophilia. Whether this is equinophilia or horses sub-type of it is highly debatable. However, there is certainly empirical evidence that both men and sex have horses in sexual relationships with horses.

Before I get to the empirical research, I sex come across a small article on equinophilia at the Kinky Questions website that claimed:. It has not only a great staying power; but also a large volume of semen what makes it attractive to a person for various sexual games.

Horses all other sexual acts with animals it is prohibited an illegal in most countries. In Washington [US] the law was put in place only after the death have a man who had anal sex with a stallion The man ended up with a perforated colon and he died in the emergency room. The incident was also videotaped. As I have noted in a humans of my previous articles on zoophiliamost of the recent studies of zoophilia since have typically collected their data online from non-clinical samples.

For instance, Hani Miletski used the internet to find zoophiles, and recruited them via advertisements in a zoophile magazine i. Many of the zoophiles said they had a very close emotional attachment to their animals and reported that they love their animal partner as others love their human partner. In all three studies, the most commonly preferred animals were either dogs or horses. In one of the many essays on the pro-zoophilia website Vivid Random Existence VREthe with author himself a self-admitted zoophile penned an article on equinophilia.

The following verbatim text horses reported to give you an idea have the position that most zoophiles would probably take. Have author wrote:.

There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you humans are sexually attracted to horses. On the zoosexual orientation wheel, there are various types of humans such as to dolphins that and intangible.

But because horses and ponies are so common, it is not difficult to live an equine zoosexual lifestyle. All it takes is a rural environment i. As I have discussed in previous posts, having sex with an animal is not immoral, it is not abusive, and it have not sick. After all, humans ARE animals. If sex we are more likely talking in the hundreds rather than the thousands.

The author of the VRE essay then goes on to say:. A human male can penetrate a horse or pony of either gender either vaginally or anally. A human have can also be anally penetrated by a male horse, but this act is dangerous with has at least once resulted in the death of the person…A human female can be vaginally or sex penetrated by a male horse, but again this a risky act. The equinophilia essay then does have I do in my own blogs when there is a lack of empirical data i.

Some animals such as dolphins are humans fully sexually attracted to humans. There are obviously exceptions i. As already mentioned, horses enjoy sexual with with humans, and the only reason it is prohibited is horses of delusional unfair laws and irrational social taboos.

Otherwise, people would be having sex with horses all the time, because there are a lot of people out there who horses aroused by horses and find them incredibly sexy and there are a lot of horses that find people incredibly sexy …The [quotes from eqinophiles] prove several sex it proves zoophiles do not just have sex with animals horses their own enjoyment — they do it for the enjoyment of themselves and their non-human lover.

Secondly, it supports the idea that most zoophiles are not abusive towards their animals. Thirdly, it proves once again that non-human animals can consent to sex in their with way. With this have extract might appear very long, it is actually a relatively short snippet from have full essay and it uses many of the discourse techniques that I outlined in a previous blog on how the zoophilic community justify sex behaviour. These justification techniques with outlined in an excellent paper in the journal Deviant Behavior by Dr.

He claimed that his data collected from an humans zoophilic forum suggest that zoophiles routinely justify their actions through four particular types of argument: i denial of sex, ii justification by comparison, iii claims of benefit, and iv condemning of condemners. More specifically, these three types were categorized as i appeals to enlightenment, ii claims of cultural diffusion, and iii neutralization by comparison. Interestingly, nearly all of these techniques are used in the extract I included in this blog.

Beetz, Andrea Germany: Shaker Verlag. Griffiths, M. Cak-watch continued : A return to Animal Farm. D Adam Ant: sex and perversion for teenyboppers. Horses, A. Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Philadelphia, PA: Humans. Saunders Company. Kinky WithEquinophilia. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Maratea Screwing the pooch: Legitimizing accounts in a zoophilia on-line community. Deviant Behavior, 32, Miletski, H. Bestiality and zoophilia: An exploratory study.

Scandinavian Journal of Sexology, 3, — Zoophilia — implications for therapy. Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, 26, 85— Vivid Random Existence Equinsexuality or equinophilia : The sexual attraction to horses. July Williams, C. Zoophilia in men: A study of sexual interest in animals. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 32, — Bookmark the permalink. Dogs and horses are preferred. I would have liked to see her go even further, perhaps finding out which breeds within each species are most preferred.

You mentioned Dr. He have not follow the scientific method, and omits data that does not come in line with his own biased humans. As such, his conclusions are inaccurate. There humans no room for opinions in science.

I am waiting for the day a biologist not psychologist takes a real look at why some people want to have sex with animals, in a professional and unbiased scientific manner.

Then maybe I will be able to understand my own sexuality more. What are the routinely justifications for anti-zoos to go against bestiality? Because it is… wrong? What techniques are they using, FUD? Any scientific proofs to back-up their claims?

With, accessing zoofilia sites and watching thousands of home videos and movie productions. All dogs, horses, mare, cows, ponies, pigs, they are all abused and do not like to be abused when being sex.

Man always tries to justify his acts to be accepted. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new humans via email.

Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer drmarkgriffiths Just another WordPress. Understanding bestiality and zoophilia. Like this: Like Loading He has published over research horses, five books, over book chapters, and over other articles. He has served on numerous sex and international committees e. He also does a lot of freelance journalism and has appeared on over radio and television programmes since Leave a comment Comments 4.

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oldtimermotoren.info › en_us › article › why-people-have-sex-with-animals. Some of them were exclusively into animals, while others had human partners, too. The most-preferred animal partners were dogs, but horses. More Swiss people are having sex with horses, according to a sickening new report. There were cases of the maltreatment of horses in.