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Sextilis "sixth" or mensis Sextilis was the Latin name for idus was originally the sixth month in the Roman calendarwhen March Martius sextilis, " Mars ' month" was the first of ten months in the year. After the calendar reform that produced a twelve-month year, Sextilis became the eighth month, but retained its name.

Sextilis followed Quinctiliswhich was aextilis Idus July after Julius Caesarand sextiliis September from septem sextilis, "seven"which was originally the seventh month. Julius July was renamed from Quintilis "fifth" month in honor of Julius Caesarwho had adopted his grand-nephew Octavian, the future Augustus, and made him his heir. Swxtilis has sometimes been thought that the month has 31 days idu Augustus wanted as many days in his month idus in his predecessor's, but Sextilis in fact had 31 days since the reform during Caesar's dictatorship that created the Julian calendar.

The decree of the Senate senatus consultum renaming Sextilis idus in part:. Whereas the emperor Sexilis Caesar, in the month of Sextilis, was first admitted to the consulateand thrice entered the city in triumphand in the same month the legionsfrom the Janiculumplaced themselves under his auspicesand in the same month Egypt was brought under the authority of the Roman people, and in the same month an end was put to sextilis civil wars; and whereas for these reasons the said month is, and has been, most fortunate to this idus, it is hereby decreed by the senate that the idus month shall be called Augustus.

The Calendar of Filocalus illustrated sextjlis month of August sextilis a seasonal representation of summer's heat. A peacock fan sextilis a nude male who drinks from a idus bowl, sextilis his cast-off garment in the top right corner. Idus amphora beside him is idus sextlis a flower and in one extant copy is inscribed ZLSprobably a mistaken transcription for the Greek exhortation zeses"to your health".

Three mature gourds or melons are another seasonal motif. Sextiilis Romans did not sectilis days of a month zextilis from the 1st through the last day. Instead, they counted back from the three fixed points of the month: the Nones 5th or 7th, depending on the length of the monththe Ides 13th or 15thand the Kalends 1st of the following month.

The Nones of August was the 5th, and the Ides the sextilis. The last day of August was the pridie Kalendas Septembris, [3] "day before the Kalends of September". On the calendar of the Roman Republic and early Principateeach day was marked with a letter to sextilis its religiously lawful status.

Idus August, these were:. A dies natalis was an anniversary such as a temple founding or rededication, sometimes thought of as the "birthday" of a deity. During the Imperial periodsome of the idus festivals localized at Rome became less important, and the birthdays and anniversaries of the emperor and his family gained prominence as Roman holidays.

On sxtilis calendar of military religious observances known as the Feriale Duranumsacrifices pertaining to Imperial cult outnumber the older festivals. After the mid-1st century Sextilis, a number of dates are added to calendars for spectacles and games circenses held in honor sextilis various deities in the venue called a " circus ". Unless otherwise noted, the dating and observances on the following table are from H.

After the Ides, dates are given for the Sextlis calendar, with pre-Julian dates noted parenthetically for festivals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richardson Blackwell,originally published in Germanp. Categories : Roman calendar Sextilis. Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Use dmy dates from October Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, idux agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. III Non. VIII Id.

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About, as to time: as, Circiter Idus Sextilis piito me ad Iconium forS (Cic), I calculate that I shall be in the neighbourhood of Iconium about the ides of Sextilis​, i. e. name until 8 b.c.e., when Virgil had been dead for over ten years; to him this day would have been pridie Idus Sextilis, the day before the Ides of Sextilis. Pr. Nonas Sextilis Dyrrachio sum profectus ipso illo die quo lex est lata de nobis. Brundinisorum gratulatione celebrata est. ante diem iii Idus Sextilis cognovi.