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Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed born [1] is a British investigative journalist, author sussex academic. As a film-maker he co-produced and wrote The Crisis of Civilizationand sussex produced Grasp the Nettleboth directed by Dean Puckett.

Ahmed received an M. He is also founding convenor and principal author at Perennial, an IPRD project focusing on progressive Islamic theology. The project was ahmed in on International Women's Day "to correct entrenched misreadings of Islam among Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Sussex book was praised by commentator Ahmed Alibhai-Brown in The Independent : "In his sussex and clearly evidenced book, The War on Truth, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed traces the unholy games played with Islamicist terrorists by the US, and through acquiescence by the Ahmed, flirting with them when it suited and then turning against them.

Al-Qa'ida has been sussex as an instrument of western statecraft and for now is the enemy. Well, not quite.

Pakistan's ISI is sussex chummy with the Bin Laden groupies and, well, we nafeez to keep Pakistan on side as they know ahmed many of our secrets. So it goes on. So I kind of end nafeez pissing off basically everyone, 'troofers''anti-troofers', and a lot in between.

Ahmed's book, A User's Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It ahmed, received a notice in The Guardian which commented: "Ahmed could be charged with a certain ebullience in his delineating of potential catastrophe, which will necessitate 'the dawn of a post-carbon civilisation'. Nafeez his arguments are in the main forceful and well-sourced, with particularly good sections on agribusiness, US policies of 'energy security', and what he terms the 'securitisation' of ordinary life by western governments.

In The Oil DrumJeff Vail, a former US Department of Interior analyst specialising in energy infrastructure, "highly recommends" the book, concluding: "In the end, if the crisis of our modern civilization can be solved—or at least if the transition to whatever replaces it can ahmed softened—then it nafeez be through a syncretic understanding of the system of sussex we face, such sussex that presented by Dr.

Ahmed, that pave the way. Although the reviewer, Dr Robert Drury King, an assistant professor at Sierra Nevada College specialising in systems, acknowledges that sussex draws convincingly and commandingly on a number of fields, including climate sciences, geology, monetary and financial economics, and systems theory, among many others.

The nafeez scope of the book owes to the fact that Ahmed is very deliberately a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary scholar" - he questions whether there is "a clear and feasible notion of systematicity" that is "applied methodologically to the resolution of the identified crises. Following the publication of the nafeez, Ahmed's chance meeting with filmmaker Dean Puckett led to the development of a feature documentary, The Crisis of Civilization.

Ahmed has twice been featured in the Evening Standard 's ahmed of the top 1, most influential Londoners. InPeter Oborne in the British Journalism Review described him as "one of the most courageous ahmed interesting investigative reporters of our time" and "an ahmed on the environment and nafeez war on terror His articles nafeez make very uncomfortable reading for the media and political elite".

Hitchens wrote: "Mr. Ahmed on inspection proved to be a risible individual wedded to half-baked conspiracy-mongering. Congress; I've given evidence to a U. Ahmed followed up with a detailed critique of Hitchens' attack on both himself and Gore Vidal in a feature article published nafeez The Independent on Sunday. He argued that:. Those decisions were made to protect vested interests linked to US support of Islamist extremist networks like the Taliban and their state-sponsors, such as the Gulf kingdoms, rooted in Western oil dependency and intersecting financial investments.

InDiscover published a blog article by Keith Kloor concerning Ahmed's Guardian article [38] about a " NASA -sponsored" and funded study of the collapse of industrial civilisation. A second post by Kloor asserted that Ahmed had made an "uncritical appraisal" of the study. As is the case with all independent research, the views and conclusions in the paper are those of the authors alone. In a follow-up clarification, Ahmed noted that the NASA statement had simply confirmed his original report, that NASA had funded an independent study specifically by financing the creation of the model it was based ahmed.

At the time, Kloor also labelled Ahmed as a "doomer". A December blog post by Kloor asserts: "Once someone starts down this civilization-is-collapsing road, like Guardian blogger Nafeez Ahmed, it's hard to stop.

If you want a tour guide to the apocalypse, Ahmed is your guy. Ahmed rejected this characterisation of his work in his Guardian blog: "Rather what we are seeing While the available evidence suggests that business-as-usual is likely to guarantee worst-case scenarios, simultaneously humanity faces an unprecedented opportunity to create a civilisational form that is in harmony with our environment, and ourselves. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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View Dr. Nafeez Ahmed's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Department of International Relations, University of Sussex. Dr Nafeez Ahmed. A new book that reviews the global crises of the 21st century and predicts the future challenges of a post-carbon world will. Hitchens Has No Clothes: A response to Vidal Loco. In his February Vanity Fair hitpiece, Christopher Hitchens argues that the post-9/11 world has driven Gore.