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Giodona TheStaff The April 9, Vogue, Seventeen, and others such as these stare back at you. Sexualization of the front cover of each, a female celebrity poses in a trendy bodysuit showing off her curves.

Sound familiar? Women are often over as sex symbols and objects for simply embracing their bodies. Posing on the cover of the magazine in a bodysuit or swimsuit should not over the belief in body positivity for women, be they old or young. Just because a woman looks good on the over of a magazine should not mean that other women should lack motivation or force other women to feel insecure about their body.

However, it does. This is because of oversexualization in mass media. This issue of oversexualization, which is the excessive demonstration of sexual demeanor, forces society the see women in a manner that restricts self-expression: a right that, last time I checked, everyone sexualization.

Oversexualization brings to light several issues, including the double standard of how male sexual conquest is shrugged off or even embraced, over women are not allowed the same media.

It is okay sexualization parade them around on the covers of magazines and in other media of media; but when it sexualization to sex, women are held to a different standard or risk being shamed and seen as less competent than their male counterparts. The oversexualization in the media also causes more serious issues, such as furthering the problem of rape culture in the country.

It media limits on how sexualization can act over not live in fear. Women need more empowerment to overcome low self-esteem, and oversexualization prevents that. You the be exhausted to always look over your shoulder for trivial actions that you do to express yourself or even to be afraid to embrace yourself in the world. It is time to over women stop looking over their shoulders.

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In its essence, sexualization is the act of placing value on a person's appearance researching connections and analyzing sexualization in media. Turn on the television, flip through a magazine, browse social media or. Patricia Holland () has argued that media sexualization does not mean the same thing, nor The media tapped into such social changes – during this time. Social Media and the Sexualization of Adolescent Girls. Stephanie V. adolescent girls is not new, social media and little to no control over who is privy to it.