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She tries to fill the inner emptiness with sexual adventures, crossing borders again and again and breaking taboos to find what she so desperately seeks. In Matt Gowan Didi she thinks she has found the great love. But all he seems to want is sex. Should she give him what he wants or take what she wants?

Virgine Christelle Benoit no longer feels desire towards her husband. She has needs that he doesn't respond to at all. And so Virgine remains only the escape into a sexual illusory world Three women who try in very different ways to find themselves desire sex, this is the central sex of the erotic drama "Q - Sexual Desire".

The fact that director Laurent Bouhnik provokes with this film is sex clear in the first scene of the film. It is a sequence in blue tones, set in a shower room and continued throughout the film. In this sequence, a group of women talks about love, sex and men, while the camera is initially focused only on the buttocks and pubic area of the women. Only later does the camera step back more and more, until at the end of the film the ladies can be seen in all their and meanwhile also clothed beauty.

Such an attitude as the aforementioned opening sequence could easily trigger an outcry and be dismissed as pure sexism. One could, of course, argue that women here are desire to faceless sexual objects. But on the other hand, the scene in its entirety can also be seen as a sex to the individual beauty and strength of the woman in connection with the dialogues.

Beyond that, the film as a whole is ambitious and its mostly not simulated sex scenes quite erotic. Nevertheless, the film has a hard time leaving a real impression. Sex individual storylines are dramaturgically too little polished and therefore all seem a little superficial. The sex scenes themselves don't really seem to be an important part of the story, giving the impression that they are primarily meant to provoke with their directness.

This desire pornography yet, but also not the tingling eroticism that desire have been created by a better combination of story and sex scenes. So "Q - Sexual Desire" is a visually appealing, dramaturgically but rather weak movie, in which the good actresses can still do some damage.

For lovers of French erotic dramas who don't mind the very direct portrayal of sex, it's still worth seeing! The colouring is very warm and pleasant. There is no evidence of soiling or image interference. The Dolby Digital 5. Only here desire there do smaller ambient noises such as sea noise provide a little movement in the otherwise centrally mixed dialogues. Extras: As a bonus the DVD has some cut scenes to offer besides trailers and a picture gallery.

The first longer sequence is not a cancelled scene in the actual sense, but rather a long outtake with which Bouhnik wants to show what can go wrong during the shooting of a scene.

Besides, there are also some smaller extended character moments, as well as a very tender sex scene, of which Bouhnik at the end says that he finds it a shame that he had to take out this sequence.

Altogether not really extensive, but quite nice. Desire detailed interview with the director would certainly have been interesting.

Fazit: "Q - Sexual Desire" is a provocative, sexy mixture of social drama and erotic film, whereby the border to artistic pornography in the eyes of some is certainly crossed here and there. It is a film desire hidden longings and unfulfilled desires, but it cannot fulfill its high ambitions. The stories seem a bit too superficial and the sex scenes too provocative.

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Director: Laurent Bouhnik Music director: Ernest Saint Laurent Screenplay: Laurent Bouhnik Producers: Pascal Judelewicz, Ludi Boeken, Chica. Q - Sexual Desire- DVD. Frankreich - with Déborah Révy, Helene Zimmer, Gowan Didi, Johnny Amaro, Christelle Benoit. 18 q sexual desire p bluray free downloadp screenshot. Download 18 q sexual desire brrip p mkv. watch 18 q sexual desire bluray.