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Sex Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Sex readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. You're my best friend's mother. It's my duty to help you. The boy age as her son, they'd been childhood friends.

How they'd grown, story thought. He wasn't a kid any more; he was a young man, confident, poised, strong and, yes, sexy. She looked at Vinod again with renewed interest, her pulse quickening slightly, feeling a rush of excitement, a knot in sex belly.

Yes, sexy, most definitely sexy. She wondered if he had any sexual experience. It was crazy. She couldn't be thinking like this. He was boy son's age, she'd known him since his infancy, she couldn't be thinking of him as a lover. Then again, why not? She was in her late thirties, she had a sex drive and it wasn't like he was a blood relative or anything.

It wouldn't be incest. He stood just under six feet, lean and dark with fine straight features. His shoulders were wide, the torso hard and tough with a flat belly and a broad chest. His shirt was sex low and she knew he didn't have much body hair.

She liked that. His hips were high and narrow and his limbs were long and muscular. She wondered if he had a sizable penis; she liked well-hung men. Certainly the bulge in his crotch was promising.

Why don't sex have a quick wash and change, you'll be more comfortable. Then I'll fix you something cool to drink. There's no one else home. Evidently he trusted her. Sunita left him. Back in the servant's room, she stripped off the bra under her blouse, dropped her panties under her sari and even dropped the petticoat, deftly re-wrapping the sari so that it tucked in on itself, wrapped around her narrow waist. She wore it low, well under her navel, just above her crotch, high on her hips.

Already her breasts were turgid, her stubby nipples stiff with excitement. She heard the water running in the bucket, heard the splash, the slap and squelch of soap on wet flesh. Taking a deep breath, she went back to the bath, softly opened the door. He was squatting, boy on his toes, sluicing water over his back and head with the tumbler, story back to her and she stopped for a moment, sucking in her breath in excitement as she took in the sharp V of his body, the strength of his muscles rippling under his taut sex.

He hadn't stripped fully, was still in his small, tight briefs and she saw how firm and tough his buttocks were. God, she wanted him! She picked up the ends of her sari and folded it up, tucking it into the waist to keep the bottom from getting wet.

It showed her legs to above her knees. I cleaned your bum when you were six months old, remember? I can never reach there! She hesitated for a second, and then took the plunge, slipping her hands into them, over his buttocks. He froze, wriggled, and tried to break free. What have you to hide from me? Now do as I say! C'mon, I haven't all day! Slowly, hesitantly, he hooked his thumbs in his briefs and rolled them down.

Sunita stifled a moan of excitement. She soaped his buttocks, his thighs, calves, scrubbed them, moved up again. And spread your feet. Boy raised his arms and shuffled his legs apart. Sunita moved closer, moved the soap and cloth under his buttocks, her fingertips touching his scrotum. The boy squirmed. She drew away, did his underarms. He relaxed, thought she had finished. She lathered the soap afresh story her hands and quickly slipped her arms around him, soaping his neck and chest and belly.

He tensed again as her hands moved lower. He tried to break way but now she had her arms around him and it was too late. Her hands were in his crotch, her fingers moving up and down over his penis. She bit her lower lip. Story was wonderful, better than she'd dared hope, at last seven inches long and thickening rapidly as she worked it.

Do as Sex say. Turn around. Do it because I ask you to. He was a good head taller than her. She ran her hands over his body, down to his crotch again, caressing his story massive boy, looked up at him.

Tell me. Have you? His cock throbbed in her hand. You need to rinse. You're all soapy. When he straightened, she had let her pallu drop completely, had undone all but one button of her blouse. Her swollen breasts pushed at the cloth. Her long mangalsutra glistened in sex cleavage.

Her eyes glittered with hunger, her lips were parted. She cupped and lifted her breasts, squeezing them, pressed her tongue to her upper lip. Staring at her, story sluiced the water over himself and now didn't object when she took it from him and washed his penis.

He took the tumbler from her; she stroked his cock in her fingers. He refilled the tumbler, bending sideways from the waist, then straightened and slowly tipped it over her neck and face. Sunita groaned softly, tilting her face up as the warm water trickled over her face and between her small, shapely breasts, down her back and shoulders, down her belly, soaking her clothes.

Boy plucked at the knot of her sari and it came undone, fell to her feet and she took his hand in hers and pressed it to her crotch. Her cunt was wet, seeping juice and he gasped, hot and horny now, pressing his thick finger between her cunt-lips, knuckling her clitoris. Sunita moaned, arching her face and back, thrusting her breasts outward boy he snapped the last button on sex blouse. Her breasts bounced out and he bent his head and took one in his mouth, sucking hungrily, nibbling her stiff nipple.

Moaning, she curled an arm around his head. With a soft moan, she drew away from story, turning silently, slowly, his hand in hers and led him, wet and naked, from the bathroom to the servant's room just beyond. In the dank windowless room, she turned and kissed him hard, pushing her tongue boy and out of his mouth, one arm around his broad shoulders, the other working his stiff cock.

I like that. Story found it delicious. Slipping smoothly to her knees boy him, she flipped back his foreskin and took his cock in her mouth quickly, started sucking it, working the bulging cock-head cleverly with his tongue. The boy cried out, his body lurching, spasming, belly snapping in with shock, hips thrusting at her face. Sunita moaned deep in her throat, her hands on his thighs, her face moving back and forth between his legs.

His cock was thick and long and hot and its musky taste made her giddy with excitement. Whimpering, she caressed her face and breasts story it, her eyes hooded. The boy looked down at her, incredulous, disbelieving, enormously turned on.

She was incredible. He'd never imagined a blowjob this good. But, still, she was his best friend's mother!

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