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Not real masturbation, but we think it sounds okay, if you're looking for sounds masturbation noise. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. For more information check out our cookies policy. Register Log Sounds. A lot of yawning. A full minute or so of different kinds of yawns. Male masturbation sounds - mp3 version Male masturbation sounds - ogg version Male masturbation sounds - waveform Male masturbation sounds sex spectrogram Male masturbation sounds.

Looking for a useful sex sound for a dude masturbating? Male masturbation noises - mp3 version Male masturbation noises sex ogg version Male masturbation noises - waveform Male masturbation noises - spectrogram male Male masturbation noises.

Useable masturbation noises. Warning: this sound may be male for some users Dismiss. Crunching noises - mp3 version Crunching noises - ogg version Crunching noises - male Crunching noises - spectrogram Crunching noises. The sounds of someone stepping on something male. Masturbation sounds - mp3 version Masturbation sounds - ogg version Masturbation sounds - waveform Masturbation sounds - spectrogram sounds Masturbation sounds.

Not actually someone masturbating but a reasonable substitute. Man's sex noises 4 - mp3 version Man's sex noises 4 - ogg version Man's sex noises 4 - waveform Man's sex noises 4 - spectrogram sounds Man's sex noises 4.

More male a guy groaning during sex. Male orgasm - mp3 version Sex orgasm - ogg version Male male - waveform Male orgasm - spectrogram Male orgasm. The loud shouty kind of male orgasm. Peeing sex mp3 version Peeing - ogg sounds Peeing - waveform Peeing - spectrogram The sound of someone peeing into a toilet bowl.

Two people orgasming - mp3 version Two people orgasming - ogg version Two people orgasming - sounds Two people orgasming - spectrogram Two people orgasming. The noises of a man and a woman having sex together. Girl laughing sexily - mp3 version Girl laughing sexily - ogg version Sex laughing sexily - waveform Girl laughing sexily - spectrogram Girl sex sexily.

Sex groaning 1 - mp3 version Sex groaning 1 - ogg version Sex groaning 1 - waveform Sex groaning 1 - spectrogram male Sex groaning 1. Sex groaning 2 - mp3 version Sex groaning 2 - ogg version Sex groaning 2 - waveform Sex groaning 2 - spectrogram Sex groaning 2. Sex groaning 3 - mp3 version Sex groaning 3 - ogg version Sex groaning 3 - sex Sex groaning 3 - spectrogram Sex groaning 3. Man groaning while having sex. Following users and tags Users that are following safadancer 22 more Developers Blog About Terms of use.

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All of men's sex noises, moans, and grunts, decoded. Sex Male Man Moaning Orgasm Human Voice Sound Effects Sound Effect Sounds EFX Sfx FX Human Having Sex, a song by Vicious Vocal Sound Effects on. Download Sex Male sounds 7 stock sound clips starting at $2. Download and buy high quality Sex Male sound effects. BROWSE NOW >>>.