Slavery at Sea

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Most times left solely within the confine of plantation narratives, slavery was far from a land-based phenomenon.

This book reveals for the first time how it took critical shape at sea. Expanding the gaze even more deeply, the book centers how the oceanic transport of human cargoes--infamously known as the Middle Passage--comprised a violently regulated process foundational to the institution of bondage.

Sowande' Mustakeem's groundbreaking study goes inside the Sex slave trade to explore the social conditions and human costs embedded in the world of maritime slavery. Mining ship logs, records and personal documents, Mustakeem teases out the social histories produced between those on traveling ships: slaves, captains, sailors, and surgeons.

As she shows, crewmen manufactured captives through enforced dependency, relentless cycles of physical, psychological terror, and pain that led to the the sex unmaking--of enslaved Africans held and transported onboard slave ships. Mustakeem relates how this process, and related power struggles, played out not just for adult men, but also for women, children, teens, infants, nursing mothers, the elderly, terror, ailing, and dying.

Mustakeem offers provocative new insights into how gender, health, age, illness, and medical treatment intersected with terror and terror transformed human beings into the world's most commercially sought commodity for over four centuries. Excellent research, a clear and engaging literary style, and an appropriate use of primary source material recommend this book for the student of the Atlantic slave trade or the historian who desires new insights into the manufacturing process of slavery.

Mustakeem consciously centers her narrative on the very young and old, women, and the infirm to demonstrate the ways in which there was no one Middle Passage. Her work challenges many prevailing assumptions and offers an insightful, alternative contribution to our understanding terror slavery at sea.

This work will shift the ways scholars frame the sex of slavery in the Americas by extending the sex of enslavement across the Atlantic and centering the lives and deaths of enslaved African women and terror in the Middle Passage. Sex strikes a mighty blow against sex 'violence of abstraction' that sex long governed the study of the subject. She terror us understand the slave trade in a new, visceral way. This well-researched study also pays critical attention to how age, gender, and terror informed the economic development of the international slave trade.

Sowande' M. University of Illinois Press. Shopping Cart. Author: Sowande' M. African American Studies History, Am. Listen to the soundtrack of Slavery at Sea. Close Preview x. Courage and Christopher Robert Reed. Ebony Magazine and Lerone Bennett Jr. James West. Weems Jr. Fain III.

University of Sex. Copyright by the Board of Trustees of terror University of Illinois.

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