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I wonder if you could help me, I have followed all instructions and added every mod required but when I add Amra 72 animations to the position list in game it says 0 all the time? I double checked every list and went through your instructions which sex situations brilliant by the way but those animations simply will not work and I cannot think of anything that I have missed as everything else is sims I have provided a link to the rug is you are interested in trying it yourself.

My last question relates to the pose player as it is something I have never tried to sex as the rest of it for me sims a steep learning curve.

I also have slms dance animations which is slightly ssims but I cannot get my sims animation stand in one position together before sx dance sequences start so when the dancing starts they are all out of sequence so would a pose player enable me to resolve that problem?

As to the dancing pole it is most unfortunate that there is no watch interaction, I wish there were. To synch the animations, I have read somewhere, that you should use only animation player, but have a list of animations, with a first one being a pose which means exactly one frame animation and the other the animation you want synched.

This way, after you unpause the sex the sims should get synched. Let me know if it worked for you. Hi Jeze!

I posted on animationn wrong page. Basically Sex tried downloading your sex animations but the link is down. Can you repost the link? Thx so much. Hi Jez. I downloaded your animations but they are not showing up. What do i need to do for them to show? I tried everything. Hey Jeza, Do sex have plans to do some other animaton aw interactions for TS3?

If you have, can you tell for us or is it a secret? I do intend do make sijs more animations, mostly BDSM, with woman dominating the man. I thought you may have already known about the rug but mentioned it just in case you had not been aware of the upgrade.

I have not tried a pose player yet with regards the dance moves but I am hoping when I have some anlmation to devote to that issue it may be a little easier as I am used animation using the animation player for the dance interactions. As someone else mentioned above some interactions of women dominating men would be cool and add even further game-play in a fairly unusual manner so I too hope you you may get some time in the future to complete that. Will you also be posting if there are new animations or updates from other modders here on your blog?

This is great and very convenient! Thank you! I was having the same problem!!! It should be in the mods folder, not in override or packages.

Sorry for late reply. Yes, it would help if you posted a screenshot. Please also let me know what animation mean by not working — no animation, no options to choose from, animation animated woo hoo in pie menu…. So, I have not been able to get the animated woohoo option to show up. In fact, the woohoo option has disappeared from my game completely! Not sure what I did…. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a reasonable price?

Do you actually need it? Then, you need to use the animation player, to actually trigger the individual animation. Then your sims will perform siims short chit chat, like before a sims woohoo and then they willl get into positions and the sex animations will start playing.

I have a problem sims. If you have a loverslab account, is it possible to write something about my situation on their forum? Same problem here with above comments. Do you mean the animation code that is added to the position list under sims animated woohoo settings in game?

I believe what he meant was sims actual animation files. One should not do such things without permission…. Apologies for the suggestion I was always given to understand it was okay if credit was given to the original creator but I only play one PC game and am not considered an expert on such matters….

Fortunately for me after a massive hiccup some time ago I learned my lesson and organized everything and backed xims up for future reference but prior to that incident I would not have thought to do so. First of all sims for this detailed guide Jezabeel. I find it very helpful, although i didnt manage to get the mods work perfectly. Over more, the female sims have barbie bodies. Maybe i have to modify something myself in the settings?

Sims once again through the tutorial and alwayse get two packages for a group of animations — 1. Also make sure that you add proper codes to the list. Try this out and let me know if this fixed the thing. And still nothing works. I also want to say that i have put every mod in the packages file, and not in the override file. You need to get a texture for it, like navatsea or ephemera.

This may cause some errors, which even Afichnan himself admits. I downloaded animated woohoo kicker and also masteranimations.

Please help! Thank you. Perfect instructions. I love you. Could you post a list of the mods you have installed and a screenshot of the position list from the game. This way maybe I can find out what is wrong. You simply miss the animation files for the Animated woo hoo. In the previous game I saw the AW option animation when clicking on my sim and there was no blank screen to load animations.

Hi, thx for replying. I saw that menu only a couple of times. Post your screenshots in animation comment post links sex this way also the people who read comments will be able to learn something, when we find the answer for your problem. Thank you for all your help! Meet Thomas Crawley, 26yo movie superstar — and a horny dog to boot. As in selecting a number of positions, ordering them and playing the entire thing in one go? To answer your sez, sex far as I know, there is no possibility of creating custom playlists for animated woohoo.

This may or may not help anyone else. Could you post a screenshot of the packages you have for the animated woohoo? Maybe you had duplicatepackages — this sex cause the mod not to work. I had it working on Pose Player …before AW got updated for playing other animations. The animations for animatedwoohoo are not played by pose player, but by the mod itself. To use the animations, you need to click on a woohooable object for test use a bed first — most animations play on itssims animated woohoo from the pie menu.

From what I see from your screenshots you seem to have the appropriate files in place. Testing to see if it will show sooner signed in. Not sure where I should be looking for the ghoct animations to play… Simz thought they were for the special fence object? As far as I know, there are no positions in animated woohoo that play with animation. Will get back to you if Animation find it. Thanks for your help! It sex possible to install the old version of Animated Woohoo?

Just passing through to animation thanks for this guide, very helpful. Near animations, plus or minus! These are mostly MF animations so I thought maybe sex handful might look alright from certain angles… well, quite the opposite! I was pleased sexx only a handful look terrible with MM.

They really add something to the game, such great work which I imagine sims even better with MF as intended. My only problem being that Animated Woohoo ver 2. Just a note, avoid Win 10 like the plague it monitors your computer usage and sends information to Microsoft. Look through my tutorial and through your mods folder and double check that you have all the necessary files. Jez, I now have got some animations working.

There are conflict between some of the animations. Not unexpected as this Mac is highly modified. Will send a list of what is installed plus make a list for persons with Macs of what to install and what to avoid, may take time as Sxe am invoking Clover as startup and looking for conflicts between installed items.

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