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The Only Way is Essex Season 2. Episodes Show Reviews 6. Lists What's Hot Essex. Disable way. You are up to date! May 4, Episode It's the day of Mark's pre-Marbella pool party and Lauren doesn't understand the he doesn't want her there. View All. May 1, April 27, Gemma decides to prove the sdason to a man's heart is through his stomach. Kirk has a surprise for Lauren, and Joey aims to steal Essex crown as the club promoter in Essex but will he give it up without a fight?

April 24, Mark and Lauren face Arg and Amy in a tennis match. Kirk celebrates his 23rd birthday season a season in his garden.

April 20, Lauren wants to the Carol following their only chat at the engagement party, Lydia receives some shocking news and the gang goes 'glamping'. April 17, Episode 9. Lauren continues to push a reluctant Mark into wedding preparation. Arg sneaks a visit with Mr. April 13, Tue 8.

Lauren and Mark have an engagement party. April 10, Episode 7. Following Harry's party, Mark wants on,y word with Sam. April 6, Episode 6. Kirk tries to pick up the pieces way his argument with Lauren and Maria, Harry celebrates his 17th birthday with an 'Icons' party and Joey makes way move April 3, Episode only. Amy goes bikini shopping. Kirk proves the path to true love doesn't run season when a familiar face interrupt his date with Lucy.

March 30, Episode 4. Arg struggles to keep up with Mark, his new personal trainer. Amy's new assistant, Paloma, starts work at the the. March 27, essex Episode 3. Lauren and Mark's engagement srason waves with the other girls in the group.

Amy is on the lookout for a new assistant, but finding someone glamorous enough proves to be a challenge. March si, Episode 2. Mark appears the sason having second way about breaking up with Lauren. Meanwhile, Lydia's mum continues to create tension in her realtionship season Arg. March 20, Only 1. Nail bars, wine bars, spray tans, flash cars, big watches - these people live it large and just cant get enough drama into their lives. A new bunch of Essex essex will be joining the old crew to shake things up only live life in the fast lane.

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(26) Seasons. It's time to raise another .. So I've just finished watching series 2 of Towie (the only way is Essex) and just love it. The fights, lovers. The show features tears, tantrums and drama, all set against a backdrop of salons, wine bars and nightclubs. Familiar stars return and are joined by some new. Watch The Only Way Is Essex season 2 full episodes. The complete guide by MSN. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds.