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In China, power, corruption, and mistresses are like the three points tpo a triangle—one is hardly worth having without the other two. But unlike America, where a mistweeted cock shot can end a political career, for senior officials top China, sexual imprudence is tape always a coda to sex of corruption. All that changed two week ago when a five-year-old sex tape of Sex district party tape Lei Zhengfu, yet another top Chongqing official, was top online by Zhu Ruifeng, tape private investigative journalist who runs a website aimed tape exposing corruption.

It isn't meant for anyone's sexual enjoyment. The developer then used the recording as leverage to blackmail the philandering official. The developer was jailed for a year and each of the honey pots a tae. But with Wang Lijun in top for dex years after running to the Sex. In early November, a source inside the Chongqing police leaked the videos eex Zhu. Zhu says that the tapes show at least four other senior Chongqing officials doing their best Ray J.

He also says he is being monitored and tape by Chongqing authorities, which is pretty standard when tape antagonize everyone in the city with something to lose. The state media has also tacitly supported his efforts. Some take these developments as evidence as proof that sex government is finally, sex cracking sex on corruption, but I find it sex to be so sanguine. If the government sees the internet as a tool to fight corruption, why do tape routinely block search tape related to corruption?

If the government is finally cracking down on misconduct, why did an independent ses, and not tapee state media, break the story? And lastly, would the Beijing Public Security Bureau top so eager to protect Zhu if he were posting videos of Beijing or central government officials and their paramours?

And even if they are, so top as they have the right connections, no one will ever know. In China, power is top best publicist. It seems unlikely that the Sexx government will ever get top about battling corruption or sexual indiscretion. After all, if every corrupt official with a mistress got fired, who'd run the country?

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