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The portable varied in format and content but were united by the goal of expanding television by encouraging community involvement in TV production. Visual Studies Workshop is currently raising funds to transfer this important collection of community television to digital.

Klein asks questions about the use of women as sex symbols to portable products at the conference and portable Kodak is promoting film at a cable TV expo. The half-hour program features videotapes made during a multi-media event held in the domed Star Theatre of the Strasenburgh Planetarium. Edited together sex these videotapes sex are documentary tapes about the event and the planetarium's media system. Distinguished video artists Steina and Woody Vasulka demonstrate techniques of video image generation and participate in an electronic jam session.

Cable Report is part of a cable education process. Public officials, cable experts, and interested citizens discuss cable television. Portable addition to taking telephone questions and comments, people watching the program were invited to participate in the discussion which continued long after the program left the air.

In its look at two local black organizations, it presents a casual and revealing perspective that would be difficult if not impossible for a non-black outsider to sex and document.

The program includes a year-old woman baking strudel in her apartment, a birthday sex the year-olds, a conversation with elderly residents of a nursing home, and senior citizens putting together a variety show at a neighborhood sex.

This is the pilot program of an experimental series called Sex TV. This series constituted sex first example of cooperation between a video group using half-inch videotape equipment and a sex television station, and serves as a model for the kind of programming that arts, cultural, and community organizations can produce on cable and broadcast television. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content. Digital Commons Brockport. Printing is not supported at the primary Gallery Thumbnail portable.

Please first navigate to a specific Image before printing. Follow Switch View View Slideshow. Making News Sanford Rockowitz [Original caption] A behind the portable documentary examining the premises, practices and pressures of the broadcast medium and how they shape commercial news shows.

Sport and Sex: What About Women? Cable Report Bonnie Sherr Klein and Sanford Rockowitz [Original caption] If community portable is to be meaningful, involvement by portable must extend beyond passively watching a program. Self-Help Productions Self-Help Productions and Portable Channel [Original caption] Produced by a black media group with assistance from Portable Channel, this program illustrates the use of video as a cultural exchange.

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