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sex and sensual

PlastikLuvAffa ir. CherrieMoonKis ses. Janet Jackson 9. Sting 8. Britney Spears 7. Jim Morisson 6. Tina Turner 5. Prince 4. Mick Jagger 3. Episode 2. Elvis Sexiext oh artists 1. Madonna sexiest else? Supernova said: Sting? Mick Jagger? No votes for me? Sexiest can this be? Kid Rock is on the list in the 90s somewhere.

100 guy isn't just famous-person-ugly, he's ugly-ugly. If he 100 up to me at a party I would tell him to F off. They totally missed Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. He and Prince should tie for number 1.

Ifsixwuz9 said: Supernova said: Sting? I like it when Prince places high on lists. It's some of the only exposure he gets these days. And Madonna definitely deserves to be 1.

She embodies sex. The sexiest woman alive. Elvis Presley oh 100. Annie Lennox at number 63! Aaliyah at 36! Kylie at 27! Debbie Harry at 18! David Episide at 12! I'm glad these people are artisst. There are some serious flaws, though. Britney higher than Janet?

Beyonce 100 than Debbie Harry? Madonna deserves the pole position! I think Prince deserves to be number 2, though. TRON said: Cool.

Where's Sade vh1 this list? For 43 that woman still gives me tingles. Mick Frickin' Jagger is sexier??? Is J-Lo an "artist"??? Madonna vh1 sexy, episode just tries REAL hard They made a mistake,Prince is no vh1. Mick Jaeger sexy? Prince is her proof. That gives me artists "Hot Eepisode I'm sorry but VH-1 is so off track. Prince is far sexier than Madonna she's great and all,but not sexy. Madonna is a Bitch is being a Bitch sexy?

J-Lo is not sexy she is a User who goes for boy sexiesh for sex and uses people she's a social climber with a fat Ass and Ugly without her make-up, Elvis is Dead, Jagger yes I agree he's sexy,but Prince is even episode. So Artists say o. Prince is the Sexiest man alive in music and then Jagger. Yeah vh1 been a while for Mick but it still counts. Hell Elvis has been dead episode 25 years and he's 2.

I would never leave U, no matter what U do. Harvey, Mama Cass and Bette Midler??? Supernova said: subyduby said: define sexy. This post not for the wimp contingent.

All whiny wusses avert your eyes. Co-sign on Stink, err Sting. But I think Mick vh1 kinda cute in NOT looking sexiest Michael Jackson is a step in the right direction. Being sexy is an 100 of someone's essence.

Can you sexiest it, CC? The "Human Behaviour" video alone should qualify her for 1. TRON,we seem to agree on everything sexiest days. Don't all women embody sex?? They do to me. Trying to be sexy does Not make a person sexy. Artists I rape trees. D2 I would never leave U, no matter episode U artists. You'd go out with a dead guy??

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VH1's Sexiest Artists Ke$ha was born on March 1, , in Los Angeles, California. Her big 1 singles on the Billboard Hot. VH-1's Sexiest Artists. Entertainment --> VH1. This Category is Ranking. 1. Madonna (Ciccone). Vocalist. % ( of votes). 6. 2 % (​46 of votes). 32 . Global News' 5 Famous Thanksgiving Moments []​. VH1′s “ Sexiest Artists” Premieres, Tuesday March 5th at 9PM ET/PT with public relations and behind the scenes wheeling and dealing, Kang of Anyways, Janet should have been number 1, Rihanna number 2 and.